Thursday, August 21, 2008

Elementary School

This week marks a new beginning in our lives: Elementary School.

That's right. Faith started Kindergarten this week. She has been SO EXCITED for school to start since February, and it's finally here. The night before school started she got nervous for the first time. For a kid who has been begging to take the bus to school since she was 3, asking Mommy to take her to her class the first day was shocking to us. After talking with her some, I realized that she thought she'd be all alone trying to find her class room. I assured her she wouldn't be alone, that there would be lots of friends and teachers and adults to help her. Besides, her good friend from just two houses up the street would be going to the very same room with her, as well as riding the bus. That calmed her down a bunch.

She had a great first day, and was so happy. And tired. Not quite tired enough to take a nap when she got home, but close. I think she has gone to bed around 6:30 all week so far.

It only took until the second day before she got in trouble for talking in class. I am so not surprised. She is a little chatterbug, and always has been. To Faith's credit, she told us about it at dinner. Her teacher didn't send a note home though, so it wasn't a huge deal. Hopefully she'll learn to control that voice of hers soon.

Here's hoping for a really good year. I hope her enthusiasm lasts and doesn't wane as the days go by.

*wipes off the dust*

I realize that while I've had this account for nearly a year now, I haven't actually used it much. While reading (and enjoying) several of my coworkers blogs this morning (in between bouts of work) I decided that I should post more here. Not that I think I have all that much to say... but I'm sure I can come up with something. The truth is that I've been blogging for years- just not in a public forum. Now to get used to blogging here as well.